Youth unemployment crisis must be a priority

There is one candidate in the Ontario Liberal Party leadership race that has been shining a light on the urgent need to address our youth unemployment crisis.

At the first OLP leadership debate in Ingersoll on Saturday, Eric made it clear that if elected Premier, addressing the unacceptable levels of youth unemployment will be a top priority.

We have a crisis of youth unemployment.  More than 17 per cent of young people are unemployed compared to the overall provincial rate of 8 per cent.

Too many young people who finish their post-secondary education are unable to find a job, or have to take a job that doesn’t match their skills or their career path.

Too many young people can’t afford to move out of their parents’ homes and embrace the independence they want and deserve.

That’s unacceptable. And it needs to change.

We need a youth employment strategy, a plan that will create incentives for employers to hire young workers and encourage entrepreneurship.

And for youth from rural communities, we need to ensure that there are economic opportunities in their home communities so that they have something to come back to when they finish their post-secondary education.

We need a leader who will make youth employment a priority, and Eric Hoskins is that leader.

Join the movement to elect Eric Hoskins as the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, and the next Premier of Ontario.

Click here to volunteer or if you’re in Toronto, stop by our campaign office at 464 Yonge Street, Suite 201 (just north of College Street).

Because supporting youth employment isn’t just something that’s good for young people, it will make for a more sustainable workforce in the long-term and a more prosperous Ontario.